This page is in living memory of Danny Butcher. He was a reservist in the army, who had served overseas for the country.

Danny Butcher borrowed money to pay for a £13,000 property training course, which promised to help people become financially free, so they could help themselves and their loved ones. 

The family of army reservist Danny Butcher, 37, said he never made the money he thought he would, and he became depressed and demoralised, and said he could not see a way out of this, after being rejected a refund.

The BBC is aware of dozens of people who have said they signed up for Property training and now want their money back. At least 78 people are trying to claim back more than £200,000 between them. Our sole mission is to honour Danny’s memory by raising funds for charitable causes he believed in.  

Support the homeless, military veterans & mental health charities


“All he wanted was his own chance at making something of himself for me and his son, he saw this as his opportunity. He genuinely thought this was his chance because of how easy they made it all sound.”

Charlotte Butcher – Widow

“The only thing I can do for Danny is to try and make people aware so they don’t end up wasting their money and putting themselves in a bad place. If it does that, what’s a meaningless loss of life won’t be quite so meaningless.”

Alan Butcher – Father